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Hometech-UK Ltd, specialist repair services.

Don’t replace, repair!

Hometech-UK is a specialist buildings and contents repair company. We offer a professional, fast response service for emergency property repair situations and can get your home looking like new in no time.

Our trained uniformed technicians are efficient and friendly, and they take pride in all the work they carry out. So whether you’re looking for assistance with a scratched worktop, damaged floor, chipped bath or shower or anything else, you can be sure of a quality service. Our home repair solutions also extend to UPVC doors, stone and brick, granite and marble. In addition, we offer break-in repairs.

All too often these days, people throw items away rather than trying to fix them. This can be a waste of money and effort, and it’s not good for the planet either. When damage is caused, why go for a potentially pricey replacement when we can repair the item for you quickly and at a fraction of the cost of getting a brand new product? You may be surprised by how effective our property maintenance solutions are. We can work wonders on baths, showers, floors, worktops, doors and more, ensuring the items look and function as you want them to.

To find out more about the specific home maintenance services that we have to offer, take a look around our website. You can also get in touch with us by phone or email if you’d like any further information. Our expert team are on hand to answer your questions.

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By opting for bath repairs you eliminate the need for days of disruption to your home life – our expertly trained technicians can fix most problems in a few hours. [read more]
Our technicians carry out repairs in situ. There is no re-plumbing or re-tiling, so you can have full use of your shower virtually straight away. [read more]
With the amount of time we spend in the kitchen nowadays it is inevitable that sooner or later someone is going to damage your kitchen worktops. [read more]
If you have a chip or nick in your granite worktop it may be beneficial for you to consider granite worktop repair rather than replacing it. [read more]

Before you rush off and replace any damaged marble you have in your home at great expense, consider the talents of the technicians at Hometech-UK. [read more]
Around your house you are likely to have a significant amount of stone and should it get damaged you are likely to need some stone repair work done. [read more]
Whether you have a cracked sill, or if your window frame is stained and impossible to clean, just contact us here at Hometech for an assessment and quote. [read more]
We can repair break-in damage quickly and hassle free, so you can feel secure again in your home, and can begin to put the event behind you. [read more]