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Granite Worktop Repairs - Hometech-UK Ltd


If you have a chip or scratch in your granite worktop you should consider repair rather than replacement. Granite worktops are expensive and replacing due to a small but significant chip or scratch can be heart breaking. This is where the trained and skilled professionals from Hometech-UK come in.

Very good service from phone enquiry to repair being carried out. Professional service, will recommend you to others.

P Goodley
Our professional technicians can carry out repairs for a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire kitchen worktop.

Hassle-free. To replace a worktop would mean the removal of kitchen cupboards and possibly the sink and related plumbing – a considerable upheaval in one of the most frequently used rooms in the house.

Building contractor can see the benefits too. Damage to kitchen worktops is often not spotted until the last minute and the speed at which our technicians can repair the worktop allows you to get your buildings handed over at the correct time.

Our skilled professionals can repair all kinds of surfaces and are skilled in the repair of chips and nicks in the granite. If you want to discuss specific repairs then please contact us.
Because the technicians at Hometech-UK are highly skilled professionals who take their work incredibly seriously the repair should be virtually undetectable.
DIY kits are available online and in the bigger DIY stores but it is unlikely that you will get the results you want. Hometech-UK carry out these sorts of repairs on a day to day basis. Call in the specialists to ensure that perfect finish.

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding granite and other repairs to kitchen worktops then feel free to contact us.