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UK Bath Repairs

There are a number of reasons to undertake bath repairs – be it enamel bath repair or plastic bath repair. If your bath is chipped or damaged in any way, then you need to talk to the specialists at Hometech-UK.

Absolutely fantastic service – technician arrived ahead of schedule and was lovely to deal with. The bath looked like new! I just need to clean the rest of it now!

N Warren
Save money. Damage is often caused by dropping a tile or other heavy object onto the bath causing a chip, scratch or hole on the surface. Why replace the whole bath when a cosmetic makeover negates the need to re-tile or re-plumb, or any of the other costly jobs that may result.

Less hassle. Removing and replacing a bath is a time consuming and messy upheaval and can sometimes mean having to replace tiles and flooring also. Our expertly trained technicians can fix most problems in a few hours.

Because the technicians at Hometech-UK are highly skilled professionals who take their work incredibly seriously the repair should be virtually undetectable. Whether it is a chip, scratch or dent, our technicians will leave your bath looking like new.
Absolutely, not everyone has a white bath tub to repair so Hometech-UK can fix or repair a tub that is a different colour – contact us for more information.
Whilst there are a number of products on the market that are specifically for this type of job, the technicians at Hometech-UK carry out bath repairs every single day and will give you a far superior finish that you just cannot achieve with DIY bath repairs kits.

Any questions?

If you have any other questions about bath repairs or bath tub restoration then do not hesitate to contact the professionals at Hometech-UK.