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UK Sink Repairs

Sink Repairs in the UK, Enamel & Plastic

People use a sink repair service for a multitude of reasons. Often, it is because they have dropped heavy objects into their basins. If your plastic or enamel sink is chipped, cracked or damaged in any way, then you need to talk to the specialists here at Hometech-UK. We’re experts when it comes to plastic and enamel sink repairs and should be perfectly placed to help you.

Brilliant. No sign of original damage!

Katherine Smither

Enamel and plastic sink repair services can be much cheaper than buying replacement items. Although it’s possible to pick up inexpensive sinks from DIY stores, the costs of fitting a brand new basin can quickly start to mount up. You might have to re-tile and re-plumb, and this can be a drain on your resources.

It is also more convenient to arrange a sink chip repair than it is to go to the effort of installing a new version. Our technicians can fix most problems in a matter of a few hours. This means any disruption to your household will be minimal.

We take all repairs very seriously and our specialists have years of experience. Whether you’re in need of a sink crack repair or you want to fix a chip, scratch or dent, our technicians will be able to work their magic and the results will be near-invisible.

Yes we can. Although white sinks are particularly popular, we know that many people have basins in different colours. If you want to repair a sink that is a different colour, contact us for more information.

It’s true that there are a number of DIY products on the market that are intended specifically for this type of job. However, the fact is, it’s impossible to match the impressive results that trained professionals achieve. Our technicians carry out repairs every single day and will give you a superior finish that you simply cannot accomplish yourself.

Any questions?

If you have any other questions about sink repairs or bath tub restoration then do not hesitate to contact the professionals at Hometech-UK.