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UK Shower Tray Repair

Shower Tray Repairs Throughout the UK

It is not uncommon for a heavy object to be dropped onto the shower tray, causing a chip, crack or dent. Here at Hometech-UK, we believe in repairing rather than replacing. If you are after shower tray repairs, we can help.

I would like to thank you for a service second to none for the repair on our shower base. The professionalism from the first call to the completed work is to both myself and my wife beyond all expectations.

George Andrews

The biggest benefit of shower tray repairs is the fact that they save you money. Buying a brand new tray can be expensive, and you might have to shell out for any associated work, like replacing tiles. Fixing your current tray could be much more cost effective.

If you book shower tray chip repair services from us, you’ll experience minimal disruption. Our repairs involve no re-plumbing or re-tiling and they can be completed within just a few hours. This means you’ll have the full use of your bathroom back in no time.

Because our technicians are shower tray crack repair specialists who take their work very seriously, your repairs should be virtually undetectable.

Yes we can. We know that not everyone has a white shower and we can fix trays that are different colours. For more information about different coloured shower tray dent repair services, contact our team.

Some homeowners attempt to undertake these repairs by themselves. However, more often than not the results are not what people expected. Our technicians are highly skilled individuals and they apply years of experience to the job. Matching colours takes a trained eye and the repair itself is very precise task.

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      • NHBC Pride in the Job Awards
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