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Kitchen Worktop Repairs in the UK

With the amount of time we spend in the kitchen nowadays it is inevitable that sooner or later someone is going to damage your kitchen worktops. It is then that you have to consider whether replacement is the viable option, or if you should opt for kitchen worktop repair. Here at Hometech-UK we believe it is infinitely preferable to opt for kitchen worktop repair over replacement.

The service provided by yourselves and your representative was excellent. In particular your technician was helpful, informative and industrious and an excellent ambassador for Hometech. The finish and the appearance of the work has drawn favourable results from neighbours and friends alike, it could result in new business in the future.

Paul Reymond
The most obvious benefit to you (whether you are a homeowner, housebuilder or building contractor) is the money you will save. The professionally trained and skilled technicians can repair your worktop in a matter of hours – and this speed means less man hours and less cost than if you opted for worktop replacement.

Another crucial benefit of choosing worktop repair over worktop replacement is the reduction in disruption to your home life. The kitchen is a busy place and crucial to family life and if you chose to replace your worktop (be it marble, granite, laminate, wood or stone) your kitchen would be in disarray for a few days. You would have to remove cupboards and the sink – possibly even some of the plumbing just to replace the worktop. Our skilled technicians would be in and out in a couple of hours causing you the least amount of disruption possible.

Although there are a number of do it yourself kits on the markets nowadays what they do not provide in them is the trained eye for matching colours and the skill and patience that goes into every kitchen worktop repair. Our technicians have spent thousands of hours repairing all kinds of surfaces and it is this skill that will give you the kind of finish you require.
Like all of our repairs your kitchen worktop repair should be virtually invisible. The skill that our trained professionals invest into their work should leave you completely satisfied with the worktop repair. The finish should be virtually indistinguishable from a replacement worktop.
Here at Hometech-UK we pride ourselves on being able to carry out all cosmetic repairs – be they chips, dents, cracks, holes or otherwise. If you are unsure of whether your kitchen worktop can be repaired then don’t hesitate to contact us.
      • Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)
      • Guild of Master Craftsmen
      • ISO 9001:2000
      • NHBC Pride in the Job Awards
      • SAFEcontractor Accreditation
      • NHBC SAFEMark Approved

      Any questions?

      If you have any other questions about worktop repairs then do not hesitate to contact the professionals at Hometech-UK.