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break-in repairs

Break-In Repairs throughout the UK

Discovering that you have been burgled can be stressful and traumatic. As well as being an invasion of your personal space, intrusions like this can leave you feeling vulnerable. There are also a host of practical issues to deal with in the wake of break-ins. For example, as well as sorting out insurance claims and replacing any stolen belongings, you may have to arrange for a break-in repairs service to come and repair any break-in damage.

It is common in burglaries for damage to be caused to the UPVC frames of windows and doors. Rather than smashing windows, which can be noisy and attract the attention of neighbours, thieves often pull apart window and door frames. This can be an almost silent process, allowing criminals to go unnoticed.

Here at Hometech-UK, we offer UPVC door and window repair services and are on hand to help if you suffer a break-in.

Just to let you know that we are very impressed with the work carried out on the window and letter box area of our front door. The technician that did the work worked very hard, please pass on our thanks.

Dawn Andrews

Repairs can be faster than finding and fitting replacement doors and windows. Getting these parts of your property fixed ASAP will help you to feel secure again in your home.

You will benefit from an excellent finish too. Because our technicians are so skilled and experienced, they will ensure that the repairs are near invisible. They won’t leave any visual reminders of the damage caused by the thieves.

UPVC window repair and door repair services are also less disruptive than replacements. Getting brand new windows and doors can be a messy and sometimes drawn out process.

As a professional trade company, we have all the accreditations you would expect – meaning you can be sure of a job well done! Our accreditations include the following:

      • Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)
      • Guild of Master Craftsmen
      • ISO 9001:2000
      • NHBC Pride in the Job Awards
      • SAFEcontractor Accreditation
      • NHBC SAFEMark Approved

      Any questions?

      If you have any other questions about break-in repairs then do not hesitate to contact the professionals at Hometech-UK.