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Luxury bathroom accessories every home should have

Luxury bathroom accessories every home should have

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house and a well-designed, luxurious bathroom is a great place to relax in, and makes getting ready in the morning a pleasure. A boring or uncomfortable bathroom will have the opposite effect, sapping energy from you at the start of the day. Here is a quick look at some of the best bathroom accessories that every home should have.

1. Underfloor Heating

Getting out of the shower on a cold winter morning and stepping on to a nice warm floor is a great experience. Electric underfloor heating systems are becoming increasingly affordable, and installation doesn’t take long compared to the more traditional water pipe based systems. Next time you’re re-tiling the bathroom floor, it is well worth considering getting underfloor heating installed.

2. Heated Towel Rails

Combine your luxurious warm floors with a freshly washed, soft and warm towel for the ultimate in comfort and luxury. Some heated towel rails can be plumbed into existing central heating systems, while others are electrically powered.

3. Chrome Taps

Nothing shouts “luxury” as loudly as gleaming fixtures and fittings. If you’re looking for a low cost way to re-vitalize your bathroom, then installing some new taps is a good way to go. Before you start, make sure your basins and tubs are in good condition. You should repair cracked ceramic sink basins, chipped bathtubs and other issues before investing in new taps. Home re-surfacing kits are inexpensive and can handle most minor scratches. Bigger chips and more extensive damage may require expert attention.

4. Matching Dispensers

Have you ever noticed how much more relaxed you feel when you’re in a hotel? A big reason for that relaxed feeling is the lack of clutter in the hotel room. You can replicate that feeling in your bathroom by getting rid of all of those half-empty bottles of shampoo and shower gel, and using dispensers for everything. Match your dispensers to your taps and shower head and you’ll have a polished, professional look for your bathroom.

5. Simple Sundries

A shortage of dry towels in the bathroom is never a good thing! If you find yourself having to dry your hands with a bath towel, then finding only a small cloth on the towel rail when you get out of the shower, maybe it’s time to re-organize. Invest in some luxurious cotton towels and a comfortable bathrobe for each person in the house, and enjoy the feeling of wrapping yourself up in soft warm cotton every morning.

6. Scented Candles

At the end of the week, take some time to get away from it all and relax in a bath full of warm water and luxurious bubbles. Put on some scented candles, and turn down the lights. Ah….feels good, doesn’t it? There’s no need to feel guilty about the occasional soothing bath. Yes, it uses more water than the shower, but it’s far more eco-friendly than driving all the way to a spa for the same experience!

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