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Hometech-UK Ltd News

Hometech-UK Ltd News

New offices:
Due to the continued success and growth of Hometech-UK, the company has doubled the size of its headquarters in Northampton with the acquisition of the adjoining building. Providing the company with a new training wing, research and development centre and product storage area, this will allow the original building to be expanded into a larger office suite with a dedicated customer care centre!

New Contract:
Bovis Homes who having been working with Hometech-UK for the last 6 years have agreed a new contract for next 3 years, this secures all repair works across the country for Bovis Homes on a sole supplier agreement!
With the Bovis deal in place and the continued growth of Hometech-UK throughout the major house building trade, this has allowed the company to expand further by adding more vehicles to the fleet and by taking on and training additional technicians across the country!

New Eco-warrior:
Hometech-UK, Don’t Replace Repair, with the introduction of the companies Eco-warrior, this has provided the company the ability to produce calculations on the amount of landfill savings Hometech-UK are doing by repairing, not replacing the company is helping to keep the countries carbon footprint down!

With the housing market on the up and with a great start to 2015, Hometech-UK predicts continued success throughout the rest of the year!

Lisa Blacker
Commercial Director
Hometech-UK Ltd

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