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Repairing for a Greener future!

We have saved 458,268 kilos so far this year from going to landfill, committing to a greener future!

Sustainable living is an issue of increasing prevalence in the modern world. The fact is that our oil supplies are running low and landfill space is becoming ever-more scarce.

This is why Hometech-UK is committed to promoting the recycling of goods through repair rather than replacement and ensuring that the processes we use have minimal impact on the environment.


Every time we throw something away, the unwanted item has to go somewhere. Sadly many of us forget that our used goods don’t just evaporate once the bin-man takes them away.

Nicknamed the ‘’dustbin of Europe’’, the UK disposes of around 57 million tonnes of waste into landfill every year; an unimaginable amount for which a huge proportion could be avoided if we just changed the way we live and think. In contrast France, which has a marginally larger population than the UK, throws away just 12 million tonnes a year.

Hometech want to encourage both homeowners and businesses to take a different stance on their attitude to waste disposal and give each item a second thought before consigning it to landfill.

Our repair services cover everything from baths, sinks and showers through to worktops and window frames. At Hometech we’re pleased to state that each time a customer calls us out for a repair, one more item is being saved from landfill.


Landfill waste is not all that’s salvaged each time someone chooses to repair rather than replace. We also need to consider the resources that go into the production of the replacement item, such as oil, harmful chemicals and the destruction of natural rocks such as marble or granite.

There is also the impact of and resources used in the transportation of such goods; it’s not cheap or green to transport a weighty ceramic bath or granite worktop – particularly when these goods are being sent overseas.

All it takes to prevent this unnecessary waste of resources and impact on the environment is the completion of a small repair. A repair that is not only cheaper and quicker to complete than a replacement but most importantly; a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of living.