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DIY Guide for Keeping your aged Bathroom and Kitchen looking new

DIY Guide for Keeping your aged Bathroom and Kitchen looking new

When we buy our own properties more often than not we redecorate, redesign,  buy new appliances, invest in a new bathroom or kitchen and as exciting as turning your new home into your own can be, it also comes with an added amount of stress that feels like we go to the ends of the earth to avoid.

A common issue found in homeowners is when we invest in new bathrooms and kitchens, we turn majorly OCD and wipe every speck of dust we come across, which isn’t a bad thing! After all, we don’t invest thousands of pounds to let our bathroom and kitchen collect dirt. After a number of months/years when we have gradually settled into our routines and our work lives are piling on top of us, the enthusiasm we once had to spring clean our homes might go from once a week to once or twice a month, what does this make us? Human… nearly everyone is guilty of letting life outside of the home take over.

According to Victoria Plum, the average price of a new bathroom in the UK starts at £4,500 and a new kitchen at £10,000, the expense alone is enough to understand the obsession to keep things clean. When we cross the bridge between keeping the bathroom and kitchen clean and life keeping on top of us that our schedules are just far too manic! knowing a few handy tips to keep our now aged bathrooms and kitchens looking fresh and new can be a heavy weight lifted and an exhaustion we don’t have to suffer.

1. Dilute your surface cleaner

keep your aged bathroom and kitchen looking new

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Popular surface cleaners such as Cillit Bang, Flash, and Cif can actually erode the glaze of your tiles making them look outdated and old, it is best practice that you keep your surface cleaners diluted in a spray bottle and make sure you rinse your surfaces off with water once used, this will bring back the shine your tiles once had and keep them looking fresh for longer periods of time.

A great product to keep around the house is Concentrated Lysol, at only around £5.00 from any local Costco this disinfectant tells you how to dilute it on the bottle making it a multipurpose spray, once properly diluted it will fill your bottle 25 times over making your £5.00 spread a whole lot further.

2. Let in some air


One common mistake homeowners make that cause their kitchens and bathrooms to look old is not airing them out, steam and condensation penetrates grout and pits the glaze on your tiles over time if you allow it to build up this will become harder and harder to clean, when you have a shower or cook a meal open a window or turn on your fan and draw out the humidity in the room. Nothing keeps a room feeling fresh like the fresh air.

3. Accessorise for the times

keep your aged bathroom and kitchen looking new

Just because the accessories in your bathroom and kitchen were modern when you bought them doesn’t mean that they necessarily are today, updating the accessories in your bathroom and kitchen can be a huge contribution to the overall look and feel of the rooms and can easily catapult them into the 21st century while keeping overall costs low.

When the time comes and your bathroom and kitchen become outdated or damaged it is understandable to assume that you the owner would consider a replacement, since we can’t all afford this type of luxury it is much more cost effective to repair damage to your bathroom or kitchen then to replace it, this can be anything from a scratch to it being just being worn, remembering tips such as these can be the cornerstone to keeping not only your bathroom and kitchen fresh but your entire home and your bank account happy.

Having a 5 minute routine plan can be one of the easiest ways to keep your kitchen and bathroom looking how it did when you first bought it, for instance how about having a bottle of surface cleaner out and ready in both rooms and once you have a spare minute give the room a quick wipe, keeping things simple can be very effective and using your spare minutes means you won’t have to allocate a whole day just for cleaning, put your feet up and have a little you time.

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