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Bathroom repairs on a budget – cutting costs, not quality

Bathroom repairs on a budget – cutting costs, not quality

Avoid a Replacement! Cut Costs with a Bathroom Repair.

Replacing a bathroom from scratch can be an expensive undertaking. It’s never a good idea to skimp on fixtures and fittings, or on professional labour. However, if you’re on a tight budget there are ways that you can make savings and still get a good looking, and long-lasting, result.

Good Places to Make Savings

Labour costs are a big part of any repair or remodelling project. If you are on a tight budget you could save yourself a lot of money simply by doing some of the simpler, but more time consuming, tasks yourself. Even if you are a DIY novice, you should be able to re-paint or wallpaper your bathroom without difficulty. Other relatively simple DIY tasks include laying floor tiles and hanging new shelving and cabinets.

Another way to keep costs down is to try to avoid having to replace your existing bathtub, shower, toilet and basin. If your existing fixtures are high quality but worn or damaged, it makes sense to keep them rather than “downgrade” to cheaper ones. Rather than replacing the fixtures you already own, consider repairing them and giving them a new lease of life by replacing the taps, shower heads and plugs. Going from plain, stock taps to high quality chrome ones can make even the simplest of basins look like it belongs in a luxury hotel bathroom.

Most bathroom repairs are quite simple. You can buy home bath kits for repairing tiles and cleaning grout. It may not sound like much, but simply having sparkling clean tiles and grout can make your bathroom look like it’s brand new.

If you want a luxurious granite countertop in your bathroom, but the price that you have been quoted is a bit above your budget, don’t despair. Instead of opting for an imitation granite countertop, get quotes for some other colours. Popular colours such as tan and beige are far more expensive than more unusual colours. It may be that you can find a colour that will be a perfect fit for your room, at a fraction of the price you have been quoted for a “neutral” colour.

Areas Where Cutting Corners is a Bad Idea

Don’t let your desire to save a few pounds end up costing you a fortune in the long term. Even if you are on a tight budget, it’s a good idea to invest in quality parts and professional help for major pieces of work.

Professional help is worth paying for, especially for jobs such as electrical wiring, plumbing, and gas appliance installation. It’s one thing to change a tap yourself or do some small bathroom repairs, but bigger jobs should be left to the experts. A leaky shower could cause serious damage to your property, and poorly done wiring could cost lives.

Don’t be tempted by the range of do it yourself bath and sink resurfacing kits, this process really needs to be left to professionals who will be able to get even the most tired and scratched suite looking like new.

You should try to buy the best materials that you can afford. If you’re struggling to stay within your budget, try to cut the quantity of materials before you cut the quality. Instead of trying to tile the whole of your bathroom, focus on high-impact areas and areas where tiling is essential, such as the shower stall. Paint the rest of the walls to save money.

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