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Interior design ideas for creating the perfect budget bathroom

Interior design ideas for creating the perfect budget bathroom

The bathroom is, for most households, the second busiest room in the house after the kitchen. A good bathroom is more than just a place to get cleaned up. It is a place for relaxation, and for us to prepare ourselves for the challenges that we face each day. The following tips will help you put together a safe, functional and relaxing bathroom on a budget.

Start Simple

Take a look at your existing bathroom – are you generally happy with the layout, or do you want to change absolutely everything? If you’re happy with most things, you may be able to get away with sprucing up your existing fixtures and fittings. It is possible to repair plastic bath tubs and ceramic sinks can be re-surfaced. Once everything is at least functional, you can change the look by replacing your old taps with more stylish modern ones.

The Illusion of Space

Making a small bathroom look appealing can be challenging, but it is possible. There are two ways to make your bathroom seem bigger:

One way is to create new space – for example by replacing your existing wall hanging medicine cabinet with one that is inlaid into the wall. This will save only a small amount of space, but the difference can be quite remarkable.

The second way is to create the illusion of space. Use mirrored surfaces wherever possible. You could place a mirrored door on your new medicine cabinet, or have a large mirror covering most of the wall opposite the shower. When buying a large mirror, look for a synthetic or acrylic mirror, rather than a glass one. Acrylic and synthetic mirrors are lightweight, flexible, and much less likely to break, making them a far safer alternative to glass.

Safety First

While re-designing your bathroom, spare a thought for safety considerations, especially if you have children, elderly people, someone with a disability living in your home. More than 70% of reported household accidents take place in the bathroom, and many of those would be preventable through a few simple precautions.

Fit grab rails in the shower – don’t expect a towel rail or soap holder to stay up if you grab it in an emergency, that’s not what they’re designed for. A properly fitted grab rail is far more secure.

Check and replace non-slip mats regularly – non-slip bath mats decay over time, and can lose their grip strength quickly. If you use non-slip mats, check them frequently to make sure they’re still OK.

Shower doors should open outwards – that way, if someone is hurt while in the shower it will be easy to open the door and get them out to give them medical assistance.

Appearance is Everything

Even the simplest of bathrooms can be turned into a luxurious spa with the right accessories. Luxurious towels, chrome taps, and matching dispensers and towel holders all go a long way towards making a bathroom look complete and inviting.

The most important feature of a welcoming bathroom, however, is a lack of clutter. Nothing can beat the feeling you get when you walk into a clean, gleaming and clutter-free bathroom, enjoy a relaxing shower, and wrap yourself up in a warm cotton towel afterwards.

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