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Hard Surface Repairs Specialists, Hometech-UK.

Don’t replace, repair!

Hometech-UK is Britian’s largest hard surface repairs specialists offering a professional, fast response service for emergency situations, our trained uniformed technicians are efficient, friendly and take pride in all the work they carry out. So if it is a scratched worktop, floor repair or door repair, you can be sure of a quality service.

When damage is caused, why go for a costly replacement when we can repair it for you quickly and at a fraction of the price? Contact us today to see how we can help you.

Repairing for a Greener future!

Warrior 360

We have saved 100,129 kilos so far this year from going to landfill, committing to a greener future!

By opting for bath repairs you eliminate the need for days of disruption to your home life – our expertly trained technicians can fix most problems in a few hours. [read more]
Our technicians carry out repairs in situ. There is no re-plumbing or re-tiling, so you can have full use of your shower virtually straight away. [read more]
With the amount of time we spend in the kitchen nowadays it is inevitable that sooner or later someone is going to damage your kitchen worktops. [read more]
If you have a chip or nick in your granite worktop it may be beneficial for you to consider granite worktop repair rather than replacing it. [read more]

Before you rush off and replace any damaged marble you have in your home at great expense, consider the talents of the technicians at Hometech-UK. [read more]
Around your house you are likely to have a significant amount of stone and should it get damaged you are likely to need some stone repair work done. [read more]
Whether you have a cracked sill, or if your window frame is stained and impossible to clean, just contact us here at Hometech for an assessment and quote. [read more]
We can repair break-in damage quickly and hassle free, so you can feel secure again in your home, and can begin to put the event behind you. [read more]